Peter Paul Draewing

Peter Paul Draewing was born on 29th June 1876 in Schwaan, the son of a worker for a cigar manufacturer. Following his apprenticeship as a painter and decorator and his studies at the Rostock trade school, Draewing received his first artistic training from Franz Bunke.

On Bunke's advice Draewing then went to study at Weimar. However his financial situation prevented him studying at Weimar for longer than the first term. The opportunity arose for him to help with painting of the interior of the Hamburg City Hall.

This brought him enough money for the continuation of his studies at the Weimar Art School in 1896.

In 1904 Draewing moved to the Academy of Art in Kassel in order to improve his skills in the field of drawing and etching. He returned to Weimar in 1907 as a freelance artist.

However his income was not sufficient to support his current family of five. In 1915 he moved to Eisenach and worked as a teacher at the Ernst Abbe School of Drawing.

After war services he resumed work at that school, but resigned for personal reasons in 1924. He found new employment as a high school teacher. In 1937 Peter Paul Draewing retired and died three years later later on March 9th 1940 in Eisenach.